My name is Susan.  I live in Utah and have 8 darling and good children.  I have always thought that I ate well, meaning I thought I ate what was good for me.  I carefully prepared homemade meals everyday.  I am a homemaker and proud of it.

I started this blog because I was sick.  Really sick.  Which was a blessing because it made me start thinking about what I was eating.  I found out that what I thought was healthy eating wasn’t so healthy after all.  You can read about my new philosophy on what I try to eat on my home page.

Back to being sick.  I found out I had Lyme disease from a wonderful Doctor named Jason West in Pocatello Idaho.  People come from all over the country to see him.  He’s where you go when the MD’s can’t do anything for you.  I wish more Dr’s were like him then we wouldn’t be so sick.  He told me that I had cavitations in my teeth.  These are usually created from removal of wisdom teeth or from root canals.  They are holes where there is no blood supply.  Bad bacteria, germs, viruses, I just call them bugs, love to live in these holes where there is no blood to kill them.  They were poisoning me and making me extremely sick.  There was I time that I was only sleeping 15 min at a time at night because of the pain.

No more.  A marvelous Dentist named Judson Wall cleaned out my cavitations and the pain went immediately away.  Dr. West got rid of the Lyme and  I have been climbing up to good health ever since.  My diet change has helped drastically.

The greatest thing about being sick is that I now can help other people to not be sick.  My children are finding out for themselves that eating everything that anyone puts in front of you is not a good idea.  That thing will be full of sugar, rancid oils, chemical compounds, and a plethora of processed ingredients that give you nothing but fat causing, disease inducing addictions.

Yes, I believe all of you who don’t think you have any will power to eat right are suffering from nothing more that good old-fashioned addictions, the same as alcohol or cigarettes.  We all know they are killing us but we just keep on taking them in because we are addicted.  For me it helps me to know that I am not weak, I am fighting a life long addiction.  I will win because I know what I’m fighting.

Changing the way you eat is not easy, but it can be exciting, renewing, challenging, and freeing!  I love eating now.  I don’t feel guilty and I enjoy the taste of my food.  Living food that has God’s sunshine in it is tasty!

I’m changing everyday to a better way to eat.  It’s simple food getting simpler for me every meal I make.  I’m to the point now that when I eat that Wendy’s burger and fries or that Neilson’s frozen custard I really don’t enjoy it and wish I would have eaten my simple living food.

I’ll try to post what I eat off and on and try to post my thoughts occasionally.  Mostly for my 8 darling and good kids.

Love, Mom

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