My Philosophy

Eat a plant based whole food diet.  Try to eat 50% raw.  Try to eat all parts of the plant everyday, root, stem, leaf, fruit.  Eat fish (Joseph Smith) and sparingly in times of cold and famine homegrown grassfed meat.  Light on dairy – make it raw and try to make it fermented.  Eat fermented vegy’s.  I eat my own cage-free eggs.  Organic tastes better.  Grow it yourself even better.  Eat sprouts, eat sprouts, eat sprouts.  I avoid eating anything with a nutrition label on it or more than one ingredient.  Avoid prepared, processed, artificial.  If you can’t say it, don’t eat it.  I make it myself.  Buy a dehydrator, or a blender, or a juicer, in that order.

Eat what the Lord made the way the Lord made it.

That’s my life.  It hasn’t always been.  It’s simple really… that’s what makes it hard.

2 Responses to My Philosophy

  1. I am truly thankful to the holder of this web page who has shared this
    enormous piece of writing at here.

  2. Stefanie says:

    Love your eating lifestyle!

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