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Some of my favorite and most informative websites:

The best place to start eating healthy is with John A Widstoe, Apostle in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and his book entitled The Word of Wisdom: A Modern Interpretation.  I love this book. It was used as the Sunday School curriculum.  I wish we would use it again.  It was written in 1937.  I wonder why we haven’t gotten any smarter?   It has recently been reprinted and you can buy it at Deseret Book or at Real Foods or on Amazon and Kindle.  the first thing we do for healing is pray!

Peter Reinhart talks about bread in a beautiful analogy that brings the “bread of life” to life:

VIDEOS FROM GARY TAUBES – These are two great videos to learn about the science of fat and getting fat, really, watch them:

The Following Three Youtube Video are from Dr. Lustig on the Dangers of Sugar and what is making us fat and sick.  All Three are fantastic, please watch them:

Ted Talk – Eat Starch!  This Doc pretty much states the word of wisdom, watch:

Article on Bread and Flour history – bread lab  Study done on the effects of sourdough on gluten in bread.  75,000 ppm down to 12-20,000 ppm  Study on how sourdough effects celiac patients  Dr. Mercola has many education videos and articles to help you be healthy and learn why.  has a guide to talk to your doctor.  I like a lot of what he says,  I’m not into buying his products or anyone else’s products.  I make my own food.  Interview with Dr.  Hyman   Interview with Dr. Mercola and Dr. Hyman  Olive oil, to cook or not to cook  Some great recipes based on plants and the word of wisdom.  This is a fantastic place to start but don’t be overwhelmed by the enormity of this site.  If you read it all you would have a bachelors degree!  Start small and search for what topic you are interested in now or go to their “Get started” and click on “take a tour”.  This is a great place to learn about good fat and bad fat. This is my sister’s blog, Amy Carter.  She has some super ideas.   One of my favorites!  All kinds of information and updates on what’s going on in the world and with government pertaining to food.  This is a great way to start eating whole food and healthy.  Don’t try to do it in 28 days that can be very overwhelming, but follow the steps and do what you can to improve your life.   remedies for depression.       This is an archived list of great posts on Nourished Kitchen.  This is a farm in utah that sells organically grown grains.  Nice people to work with.   Fabulous.   I get daily emails from her and love most all of them.      This is a great article on High Fructose Corn Syrup and Agave Nectar.  Keep reading, it’s a long one but worth the education.  Very interesting nutritional information about sprouts. – I like this site.  Lots of good info.  Here’s the address for her baby steps page to start on a real food lifestyle   This is my favorite sourdough starter recipe.  I used pineapple juice.  Great site for all things bread and for learning sourdough. tips for keeping your starter from being sour.    Facts helping you figure out why your bread isn’t rising correctly.    This is a wonderful website for learning how to make bread with or without a mixer, white or wholegrain.   This is a scientific paper on the benefits of fermenting your cereal grains.   I like this site because it has links to the scientific studies embedded in the body of the article.  The problem is he endorses the low-carb diet which does not follow the word of wisdom.   This is the premier place to buy fermented cod liver oil.  Yeah, sounds gross, but it comes in pills if you can’t man up and swallow it!  Try Cinnamon flavor.  My family tolerates it well.    Great place for wonderful coconut oil, but not always the cheapest.  Watch for free shipping sales with 50% off.  They happen quite often.   Great site on beekeeping.   great site for making your own chicken feed   Not so user friendly but a great site for scientific research papers  Help with fermenting your own vegetables.  Something all of us should eat, and few like.  My family has taken a couple of years to learn to love them but we do now.  Must read about artificial sweeteners  for the Salt lake city area Information on Genetically Modified (GM) food   Article about popcorn  more info on GMO Genetically modified food    Great explanation about Candida what it is and where it comes from.      This is a blog on how to get rid of candida yeast.  It uses self administered Hydrogen peroxide which is doable and very helpful but can be done wrong and be dangerous.  Do your research.   I don’t believe in being completely raw or vegetarian, but pretty close!  Eat raw and feel better.     This is the site for ordering starters and cultures of every kind including kefir.  Don’t get the powdered Kefir, you need grains.  Come see me if you want some.

Kefir is wonderful and I have a source for the yummiest Kefir I’ve ever had in Logan, UT.  Let me know if you want to try it.

Dom’s Kefir best authority on kefir, more than you will ever want to know.   Learn about different sugars and sweetners and their glycemix indexes   Great site to learn about healing your gut, and yes you do need to heal your gut, everyone in America needs to fix their gut.  It is the majority of your immune system. Brad: Fusion Grain Cooking, fun videos   Hydrogen Peroxide is a GEM!  Use if for everything  Break the sugar addiction   How to tell if your chickens are laying.   Liver and how to eat it.  Ha ha enjoy! – Great Lunch box ideas

Back to Eden,  Great Gardening Video, make it easy and enjoyable!  I love, love, love gardening this way!       scientific study says sourdough bread is a better source of available minerals, especially magnesium, iron, and zinc.        pita bread    helps on sourdough list  Logic and origins of sourdough, history of refinement, information on bacteria  How to make a great coconut oil mayonnaise.

7 foods not proven safe for kids (take the whole address 5-6 lines)   Vaccination information

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