How I Sprout

I know you can sprout on your kitchen counter and that works for me for the small stuff like alfalfa and broccoli but for the bigger grains or beans (like mung) or bigger quantities my success rate on the counter is miserably low.  I have a terrible time remembering to rinse those little guys 2-3 times a day and they usually go bad on me.

My favorite way is in the garage!

I take 1 cup to 25 lbs (or more) of the seed I want to sprout: wheat, mung, sunflower, buckwheat etc… and I soak it for 12-24 hours.  Then I pour the seeds into a pillowcase and hang it from a stick over a 5 gal bucket in the garage.  Yup that’s what I do.  I then walk away and come back 2 days later. Voila! Beautiful little sprouts just shouting to be eaten.

Some tips.  twist the pillow case tightly around the seeds so they are packed together.  You don’t want 1 cup of seeds spread out along the bottom of the case or they will just dry out.   More quantity really works better.  Small amounts like 1/2-1 cup can be done but they might want to be rinsed after a day to keep them moist.  If your garage is cold bring them in the house.

They are ready when they have a tiny little white tail on them.  Don’t think sprouts like the alfalfa sprouts in the grocery store.  These are just as healthy, if not more so, but they only have a small tail of a sprout.  When sprouts get tall enough to have a small green leaf I call them “greens” not sprouts.  To get the sunflower greens with the two little leaves it takes dirt and “weight” on top of them.  The long white “chinese” mung bean sprouts also need weight and has a totally different process than these sprouts.

These sprouts are usually so dry that spreading them thinly on a sheet will be enough to dry them out for storage or to add to granola or to grind into flour for sprouted bread, cookies and such.

Store in the refrigerator in a tupperware with a paper towel on the bottom and they will last quite a while.

These are little vitamin pills in your food storage.  If you store wheat and salt you can live quite healthy and happy with naturally-leavened bread and sprouts for your vegetables and vitamins, with wheat grass for medicine.  As God says, “Wheat is for man.”


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