#19 Sprouted Grain

This is my most favorite way to sprout.  You can do small amounts or HUGE amounts.  I am just pulling out a batch that is probably around 25-30 lbs of sprouted white wheat.  I plan on feeding most of this batch to my baby chickens that I am raising in my garage.  I have done wheat, spelt, oat, and hulled sunflower seed.  Here’s how –

I soak my seeds for a day (Give or take quite a bit, this last batch soaked for 48 hours).  Then I pour them into pillow cases or smaller bags that I made out of muslin if I am doing smaller batches.  I tie the pillow case around a broom handle and hang the bag in a 5 gallon bucket in my garage.  If it is too cold, below 40-45 degrees, turn a heater on next to them or bring them in the house.  I also hang them in a hole I dug in my garden when the weather is warmer.  I cover the hole with a tarp. Then just let them grow for two days.  When you go out you have beautiful little tails on your seeds!  It is so fun.   I have done 1 cup of seeds up to 40 lbs of seeds.  They all have worked.  I love this technique. I have never thrown away any seeds.

Sprouts are best eaten raw.  Cooking destroys the wonderful enzymes and some of the delicate vitamins.  But they are still good for you when cooked.

Uses for Sprouted grain:

I dry it in my dehydrator or I have just spread them out on my counter and they dried just fine.  Then I grind them in my grinder and use the sprouted flour in my baking.

I like it while it is still soft and moist as a breakfast cereal.  Add raw milk and grade B Maple syrup.  Better than fruit loops!  It is chewier than oatmeal porridge but the same idea with sunshine and life to boot.

Remember chewing wheat into gum as a kid?  This is better for you and doesn’t break your teeth.

Add them to your pancakes

Make a stir fry and throw them in after cooking

Toss them in salads.

I’m going out right now to feed my sprouts to my baby chicks for the first time.  I’ll blend them a little in the blender and see how they like them.

I think this is an idea that everyone should know.  If we ever need to eat all that food storage wheat that we have in the basement, this will give us vegetables, vitamins, minerals, and it’s easier on the digestion.

Enjoy 🙂

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  1. Patty says:

    I am going to try this right now! Thanks Susan

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