Sometimes thinking outside the box for a snack is beyond challenging.  Thinking outside the box is what I think is truly the key for changing the way we are used to eating and boy can it be hard! When your blood sugar is low at 3:00 in the afternoon all you can think about is a snickers or some chips.  Pushing yourself beyond the box of processed snack food is crucial at this time.  I have found that if I just do some self talking and give myself a minute I can push past that feeling of “there’s nothing else to eat” and start getting creative.  It usually looks something like this –

Ok, I have got to eat something, I am starving

open fridge

looking, looking,  I see the cucumber and the celery but keep looking, looking

ok, deep breath, walk away from fridge

take a drink of water, deep breath

thinking, thinking

Oh!  I love avocado and apples I’ll have that!

That’s the process that I usually go through when I can’t think of anything besides the traditional snack.  I do it at meals too.  I did it this morning when all I could think of was pancakes and I didn’t want to fall to pancakes and I didn’t have time to make them.  I am committed to eating healthy and my committment is strengthened by the absolute, did I say absolute, yes the absolute absence of anything processed in my house to eat.  That helps a lot to push past the “What’s to eat phase” to the “Oh that’s a great idea to eat sautéed fresh green beans with almonds for breakfast with cantaloupe on the side!”

1 Response to Snacks

  1. Amy says:

    You are hilarious! I do that too! I love jicama and stuff on it. Like avocado. I miss apples. There haven’t been a good price for organic apples anywhere. I have fruit out the wazoo but I miss apples. I’m starving I think I’ll go look in the fridge.

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