#93 Roast Lamb

This was our test trying to make lamb that people would actually eat. This hasn’t been replicated yet.

Use the oven-connected-probe for a perfectly cooked roast. We used a 5 lb, bone-in lamb leg roast. Fed 12 people and had a few leftovers.

  • Cut off as much of the fat as possible (this is a fatty, tender meat. You won’t miss it).  This is if you are not accustomed to the Lamb taste.  The lamb flavor is in the fat.
  • cut  slices into the meat to give the marinade access
  • rub on the marinade–cover everything thoroughly
  • wrap in plastic wrap and refrigerate overnight
  • heat the grill as hot as you can and sear all sides of the roast for a minute or two until crispy
  • place in oven at 340 degrees on a raised roasting pan with water in the bottom and cook until done, basting occasionally
  • We cooked ours to 140 degrees which left it quite rare near the bone (took about an hour) I learned you should expect about 25 min per lb but that proved untrue in this case.
  • let it rest for awhile before serving

– chopped garlic (I used the stuff in the jar)
– dry rosemary
– chopped fresh mint
– lemon zest and juice (I zested a whole lemon and juiced half of it – large)
– salt and pepper
– olive oil
should be closer to paste than liquid

Basting sauce
– olive oil
– chopped garlic
– lemon juice