#90 Enchilada Soup

Ok this was a great way to use up some left-over chicken gravy I had.  If you don’t have that then start there and make some (I will post how) or just make a good chicken broth.

I hardly ever measure ingredients when I cook so it is hard to post what I do.  This is another one of those recipes but I want to remind myself what I did.  If you are not used to cooking that way experiment a little with this recipe and I am pretty sure you will like the results and it will help you be a little braver cooking without measurements.  The trick is to add a little, and then add a little bit more if you want.  If you add too much at first you can’t take it out.  That is the rule for every ingredient and spice.  Just add a little, if you like it and want to then you can add a little bit more.  This soup is very forgiving and will turn out great.


I had a few cups of left over Chicken Gravy, heavy with chicken, put it in a soup pot.

I added 2 pints of Salsa and 3 cups of home-canned Tomatoes.

Throw in about 2 cups of frozen Corn.

Chop a can of Olives if you want and put that in.

I added a diced Red Pepper that I had fresh and 1/2 cup Green Pepper that I had frozen.

I had 6 cups of White Navy Beans cooked and frozen that I threw in but canned beans would also work.

I added about 1 Tbs of Chili Pepper and Cumin

Since my gravy already was made with celery and onions it had that nice flavor but I did add a sprinkle of Onion Powder and was generous with the dried Garlic

If you love Jalapenos by all means add them in.

Simmer for a few minutes to a long time according to how long you have.  The flavors will get better with time, but I made it in about 15 mins and we ate it right then.  Yum!

Good Luck and Enjoy!