#88 Thanksgiving Dressing

Think ahead a couple of days (like everything else on thanksgiving), buy or make  a couple of good sourdough loaves and watch the magic happen when everyone says, “Wow! did you taste that dressing?”  I think the flavors of the sourdough really did make the best dressing I have ever had.


1 loaf white sourdough bread (I bought mine at Harmons)

1 loaf whole wheat sourdough bread (I made mine)

2 onions, chopped fine

1/2 bunch of celery, chopped fine

Poultry seasoning, sage, pepper, salt

Turkey Broth, 3 or 4 cups

I don’t have measurements.  You have to pretend to be your grandma and throw it all in.  Trust yourself, it will work.

Dry your bread on the counter or in a dehydrator until extremely crunchy.  Break into small bite size pieces.  Sprinkle a couple of Tablespoons of poultry seasoning over the bread, some sage, and pepper.  Saute the onions and celery in butter until soft, add to the bread.  This can be done the day before Thanksgiving but don’t add the broth until you want to cook it.  I made broth from the neck and giblets of the turkey (and a few bones from a chicken I had frozen) the day before.  Then when ready to cook, put the bread mix in a buttered large shallow baking pan ( 13×9 or larger) pour the broth over the bread mix.  Stir until you feel it is well moistened but most of it is retaining a shape.  It will be quite wet but not disintegrating.  Bake covered for 30-40 min on 375°.  When mostly done, uncover if still too moist and crisp up for a few minutes.