#80 White Fish and Green Beans

My husband made this for me for breakfast today.  It was fantastic!  Let alone having a husband who would make this for breakfast, right?

I don’t have exact measurements but make it to taste.

Your favorite, or the cheapest, wild caught white fish such as Cod, Rock fish or snapper, Halibut, etc…  Salmon would also work.

Fresh Green Beans (and he threw in some asperagus, so good!)

Italian seasoning

2 Cloves fresh Garlic


Olive Oil

He used leftover fish, but if yours is raw start by putting some oil in a hot fry pan and cook the fish with some Lemon juice and garlic salt.  Set aside

In the same pan add a little more oil and the garlic, minced.  Then throw in the green beans. (If using asparagus too, put the beans in a minute first and then the asparagus cause it gets done faster.)  Saute til tender.  Add Italian seasoning and a little salt and pepper.

When done add the fish.  Add Lemon to taste.



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