#20 Bacon with Greens

This is a good dish for those who do not eat green vegetables and want to start.  If you don’t like greens eat them with bacon and you’ll surely like them!  I was thinking about college kids with this meal.  They don’t eat veggies, they want it fast, and they don’t have any money.

This is for one person:

2 oz bacon
1 bundle of greens, kale, chard, spinach, asparagus, even broccoli, anything green or a mixture.
Fry the bacon, take it out and crumble it.  Add the greens into the bacon grease and sauté until just done enough.  Don’t over cook it.  Nobody likes overcooked greens.  If you are using spinach with other veggies, throw it in at the very last second.  It really doesn’t need to cook like kale and chard do, they are much more substantial and holdup to cooking much better than spinach.  Add salt and pepper and Enjoy!

This is what I did for my family of 8:

1 lb of Bacon
I bundle of asparagus
1 bundle of Chard
1 bundle of Kale
Fried it up in the bacon grease, add salt and pepper

I served it with some good sourdough bread from our favorite bakery, Crumb Brothers in Logan UT, and some sliced oranges and bananas.

It was quite a hit, even the picky one that didn’t want to eat it finally tried it and liked it.  Like I said, who doesn’t like bacon?

Enjoy 🙂

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