#18 Walnuts

Walnuts are our new favorite around here.  I soak them in water overnight up to about a day and then put them in my dehydrator and dry them until they are crispy.  YUM!  (If you don’t have a dehydrator you can make them in the oven on it’s lowest setting but the temperature is too high to maintain the enzymes in them that are so good for you and your digestion.  I would look for a used one)  They don’t cause cancers, the soaking takes care of that, and they go with everything.  Here’s some fun combinations.

Walnuts with apple and raw pepper jack cheese

Walnuts with cuties and sunflower sprouts

Walnuts with green olives stuffed with jalapeños

Walnuts with sweet peppers, cucumbers and pear

Walnuts with Walnuts!

They really have become one of my go-to meals.  They are great for school lunches, brown bagging to the office, picnics, or munching in front of a movie.  They are elegant and present themselves finely on a plate for dinner.  Throw them in a salad and Enjoy 🙂



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