#11 Brown bag lunch for school or work

We have some standby lunches that are quick and easy to pack and take.  Add sprouts to every lunch when you have them.

Monday – Vegy’s (green beans, jicama, peppers, cucumbers, sweet potato, etc) cut to the size you want.  Or if you are in a hurry just pack a knife and cut it when you eat.  
Homemade ranch dressing for dipping.  I use 2 oz portion cups with lids for kids at school to take dip.
Fruit of your choice
Lara bars or balls for dessert
Tuesday – Celery and nut butter topped with currants or non-sugared dried cranberries.  In a hurry, mix the dried fruit into the nut butter before spreading it on the celery or put it in a small portion cup with lid and just dip celery.
Fruit of your choice
Wednesday – Sandwich day, Peanut or other nut butter or try a vegy sandwich.  Avacado, sprouts, tomatoe and cucumber is great or any combination of your favorite vegy’s.
Fruit of your choice
Fermented pickles
Thursday – Trail mix with soaked almonds, other nuts or seeds, unsweetened coconut flakes, freeze-dried fruit
Fruit of your choice
olives or sliced cucumbers
Friday – Apple and avocado sliced and eaten together.  Add a little pepper jack cheese if you want.
Homemade bread stick or crackers

These are nutrient packed  lunches that will keep you going through the afternoon.  Everything is homemade with whole food ingredients, much is fresh and raw, and all are prepared with love


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