#91 Halloween Donuts

We live in the country down a long lane on a sleepy road.  We get maybe two knocks on the door from trick or treaters each Halloween.  So we decided to go down to the local park where most of the houses are in our town and set up camp cooking donuts and hot chocolate.  If they wouldn’t come to us, we would go to them.  It was a hit!  Everyone loved these donuts and the Hot Chocolate recipe on this blog was also a hit.  Some even came back for seconds after a couple of hours of trick or treating when they were cold.  We set up a movie screen and played “Abbot and Costello Meets Frankenstein”.   See you next year!


3-4 cups Mashed Potatoes

3/4 cup Butter

1/2 cup Potato Water (if you have it) add the yeast to this warm water

5 Tbs Active Yeast

1 Tbs Salt

2 cups Honey

4 Eggs

1 quart Milk (warm if you want to make these fast)

6 cups Wheat Flour (try Sprouted)

6 cups White Flour (remember these are for Halloween)

Let it rise in the bowl, Roll out.  I cut them with a pizza cutter into squares, a round donut cutter would work too.  Put them on a well floured cookie sheet to rise again.  Deep Fry.

Made 6 cookie sheets full of donuts, roughly 125 donuts…   2″X3″ rectangles.

Bosch mixer only holds one batch 1 1/2 too big a batch.

Make 1 1/2 times the recipe for Halloween (18 cups of flour), cut small and roll out thinnish or at least not too thick or they don’t cook well.

Start 3 hours before you want to eat them.

Yummy with cayenne in the cinnamon sugar you roll them in.

Orange sauce:

Juice and zest of two Oranges

Honey (can use a little agave if wanted)

Boil for a second spoon on donut

messy but good!