#22 Veggie pancakes

These are easy, super fast and really cheap to make.  I loved rice cakes as a kid, that’s what we called them.  Eggs, milk, rice made into pancakes covered in syrup.  I still love them but I make them with brown rice.  These are even yummier with veggies instead of rice.  Again, a way to get started with eating veggies if you have never incorporated them into your diet.  College kids just might eat spinach this way!

Ok, this is what you do for one person:

2 eggs beat slightly
glub of milk, maybe 2 Tbs
a little salt
beat with a fork til mixed
Add your veggie of choice, 
       1 large handful of chopped fresh spinach or
       a handful of grated sweet potato or
       some grated zucchini or
       grated yellow squash or
       just about any veggie you want to try, leafy greens and squashes seem to work well.  Try grating a beet very fine
      and adding that.  Use your imagination.
Fry like a pancake in butter or bacon grease
spread with Real Grade B Maple syrup.  

Now when you make this your are going to look at it and say, “Wow, this looks just like an omelet.”  You’re right!  The key to making it a pancake is the syrup and saying, “Oh, this Pancake looks so good!”  The syrup made my scoffing kids, who were turning up their noses at the spinach, say “Let’s make some more!”  The syrup tricks your brain into thinking your are eating something sugary and bad for you.  (See my post on syrup if you aren’t used to real maple yet for some tips)

Now if you want an omelet, do the same thing, add some green onion and a little pepper, maybe cayenne, and omit the syrup.  Voila,  Omelet!

Enjoy 🙂


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