#58 Butter Rolls

These are the Rolls my Aunt Anne used to make for special family gatherings.  Of course, she used Crisco, white sugar and white flour.  So maybe these aren’t her rolls at all.  But the layering of the butter is the same and is super yummy.  The rolls flake as you eat them and are delightful.  I particularly like them out of Spelt but Hard White or Red Wheat will also work.

3 cups Milk
1 cup water
1 Tbs Salt
1 cup Honey
4 Eggs
2 cups Natural Yeast Starter
Mix everything
Add 12-15 cups of Whole Wheat flour until the dough is very soft and sticky, even pourable.  
(If desired spike with 1/2 tsp active yeast, not instant, for slightly more rise if your natural yeast does not have enough strength.)

Let sit overnight or 12 hours.

Using Sprouted Wheat flour, Roll out dough. Spread 1/2 with softened butter, fold, roll out and spread with softened butter, repeat a total of 5 times.  Roll out again and Cut with a glass or biscuit cutter.  Fold each circle in 1/2 for parker house rolls and place on cookie sheet.

Rise, Bake 420°F for 10-11 min.  Makes 5-6 dozen rolls

1 Response to #58 Butter Rolls

  1. Linnell says:

    I love these rolls. Thanks for sharing! I’ve made them 4 times and they are so delicious:)

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