#27 Soaked Spelt Tortillas

I made these this morning and Brigham said, “these are good, I like these better than the other ones.”  Well that’s high praise coming from him and I liked them too so I thought I better write this one down.  I want to eat spelt only as my “wheat” choice and I want it to be soaked or natural leaven.  The problem is I never think ahead.  So I had the thought that I could make a huge batch of dough and leave it in the fridge and use a little at a time as I wanted it.  The only problem is my huge family eats a huge batch of dough pretty quick.  I’ll double or triple the batch and get maybe 3 meals.  A small family could make it last a very long time.

7 C. Spelt flour (or regular wheat), freshly ground
1 Tbs Salt
2 1/2 C. Warm water
1-1/2 C. Olive oil or Coconut oil
1 C. Sourdough Starter
Mix in Mixer and then add more flour if needed until it is the consistency you want.  I liked it a little stickier than most bread dough.  Knead for 5 minutes.  Let sit on counter over night.  Put in fridge until you want to use it.  
This made great tortillas.
 If you roll thicker you can make flatbread and grill on your grill!



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