August 19, 2010

On the run again but I got to have Kefir again today for the first time in Months!  It was so yummy 🙂

Breakfast – banana, Kombucha drink, Lara bar

Lunch – Didn’t get to eat until 2:30.  Mixed up a Kefir smoothie with apricots, cherries, and banana.  Had some popcorn.

Dinner – We decided to run and go boating so I grabbed some sliced cucumber, almonds and pecans, sliced apples with pepper jack cheese (one of my favorite treats.  I didn’t have any raw cheese but we did use Tillamook cheese that is free from hormones) and to top it off raw green beans.  On the side we had popcorn 🙂  overall it was a very good picnic on the boat, though I will have to vacuum the boat tomorrow after eating popcorn on it.

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